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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • It’s not quite the same cheat code, but this “minigame” in CS:GO’s main page is pretty funky. Maybe it’s a clue for Half-Life 3?
  • And today on “out of pocket ESL host moments”: Wanko and maui “one-eyed” snake.
  • We know it’s not really CS related, but we feel like we have to be the granddad for you guys right now. Go outside, open a window, do your laundry.
  • Look: we know that for some of us not being able to play MM would be a good thing. But we’d like to at least have a choice in it. Valve pls fix.
  • Some intern somewhere at either Nemiga or Finest is really regretting pushing off that transfer paperwork... Like, seriously. How does that happen?
  • We talked about “the French Curse” already, but what about the end of the Xyp9x streak? The end of an era.
February 20, 2022

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