La Last Danceux

Elliott Griffiths
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Last Dances are all the rage - especially when your country has the Major, apparently.

However you say ‘last dance’ in French is about to become a very popular phrase among headline writers and the like. Unless somehow Shox and SmithZz’ team in the year of 2023 isn’t among the best in the world.

We can’t see that happening, though.

In what is likely an ambitious attempt at qualifying for BLAST Paris, the old duo have teamed up with some talented youngins to create… something. We’re sure of it.

Look, all jokes aside (maybe not all, we’ve still got a few left) it’s nice to see two players with an abundance of experience and knowledge look to enrich some young talent with what they know.

It doesn’t always work, but it’s just nice to have that nostalgic rush every so often.

It’s like getting out the trusty PS1 and playing Crash Bandicoot. It’s never the same magical experience as the first time, but it still makes you feel warm inside.

The three players in question joining Shox and SmithZz are day0s, Neityu and Kursy, whom we would be lying if we said we knew much about. day0s is the oldest, at 25, with Neityu being just 17.

A cursory glance tells us… not much, in truth. day0s has the most impressive numbers, with Kursy having just 14 maps played on HLTV.

If Shox and SmithZz do get to Paris to play the Major, it might be the best achievement of their careers. Including winning a Major.

January 12, 2023

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