LAN's are back on the menu!

Gijs Verhoeff
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With covid restrictions easing up around most of the world, and regulations being slackened, we're glad to say the calendar finally has a major LAN tournament on it, and a realistically achievable one at that.

In fact, it doesn't just have one, it has at least TWO in the foreseeable future. Crazy times, we say.

There are plenty more planned for the end of 2021 obviously, but that doesn't count. We want our Christmas gifts early this year.

The first event to dare to move back into the LAN territory is ESL One Cologne - sorry, IEM Cologne. They can rebrand however they want, the OGs will always remember. Anyways.

IEM Cologne is set to run from July 8th to 18th, meaning we'll get ten days of the Counter-Strike we've been longing for since April of 2020. Long time no see.

And of course, it's only natural for the event to bring us back to LAN to be played in the Cathedral of CS. It's almost poetic.

Then, once summer break is over, we're treated with another banger. This time, the pro gamers have to travel to Malta, where the waves and numerous piña coladas will go greatly with a healthy dose of explosions and headshots. Again, another poetry masterclass.

ESL Pro League Season 14 can go in your calendars for August 16th to September 12th, which means almost a full month of quality CS:GO. Now that's a proper PogChamp.

June 10, 2021

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