Lekr0 rumoured to MAD Lions

Elliott Griffiths
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It seems like MAD Lions are actually cutting Bubzkji. Like, that's not a joke. They're cutting Bubzkji. But like, why?

We assumed that story was a joke or something, but they're apparently trying to get Lekr0 to replace him, so it seems he's actually going.

Certain members of TLDR can't stop talking about Bubzkji to North, despite the fact Bubzkji will almost definitely not go to North. We won't mention who.

Lekr0 seems like an odd player for MAD Lions, not least as he's Swedish. They'd probably have to switch to English, which is not a big issue, but it's also not gone well for other teams. Looking at you, MIBR.

We like Lekr0. He's a solid player, he can lead and he has a nasty Deagle. But... he's not a star player in the same way Bubzkji is, or at least wasn't on NiP.

We're not certain spending loads on buying him out and benching your best player is great business, but to each their own, some of us are North fans after all so what do we know anyway.

July 23, 2020

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