Let's be sensible

Elliott Griffiths
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Some roster moves are crazy.

Some roster moves are doomed to fail, and some are destined for greatness.

Some of them are just plain 'sensible'. Very adult-y. Guess which category NiP signing es3tag falls in?

NiP needed a role player to take LNZ' place; someone with experience at this level, decent mechanics and intelligent gameplay, and es3tag is exactly that. It makes absolutely perfect sense for NiP to sign him.

And it really seems like we're gearing up for the 'aha' moment. The catch. But, there really isn't one, and it's making us suspicious. The move just makes too much sense to work.

It's too obvious. Too good a move. Something is off about it, like we're going to find out later on that in order to do it, NiP had to gift Complexity a big statue of a ninja as compensation.

It's not a flashy move, but an entirely necessary one. es3tag won't set the world alight, but he'll hold the fort down while NiP's stars try to indeed engulf the aforementioned planet in flames.

Alright, for some balance, es3tag's previous teams have never really been great, and he seems to be an expensive piece that doesn't quite work. Cloud9 were horrible, Astralis were a mess, Complexity didn't really improve and Heroic were never great with him there.

His reputation is one of a sensible role player who allows his teammates to flourish, and yet his teammates... never seem to flourish. NiP - and device - have clearly seen something they like, but this move isn't all great.

At least they're no longer pairing the most expensive player in the world with an academy player, mind.

November 18, 2021

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