Liquid blackout in Antwerp

Elliott Griffiths
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It feels like we say this more than once a week at this point, but RIP NACS, 2019-2021.

NA’s last team after the challenger stage was Team Liquid - as long as you don’t fall for their propaganda about FaZe Clan or FURIA - and they represented NA perfectly.

By going 0-3.

They also picked up two of the bottom five spots in the player ratings, too - with shox and ELiGE making up some of the lowest-rated players. Yeah, ELiGE. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

In fairness, they lost to Heroic, FURIA, and then Vitality, which on the surface, isn’t too bad. Heroic are genuinely good, and FURIA are a scary team to play against. Vitality have ZywOo and that, but also... they were 0-2.

nitr0 went 15-41. ELiGE went 6-20 on Mirage; it was basically NAF vs the world. NAF huffed and puffed, but on his own, he couldn’t do much.

It was a tired, lethargic performance from a Team Liquid who looked dead on their feet.

The other 0-3 team was Bad News Eagles, but one can forgive them their downfalls. A brand new team, inexperienced, no salary, no expectations. The fact that they looked anything like Team Liquid at this event is much more worrying for the Americans.

May 15, 2022

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