Liquid brought to paiN

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

First, Liquid lost to Rare Atom, and we didn’t laugh because Rare Atom only know Inferno.

Then they lost to Spirit, and we didn’t laugh because Chopper is a genius.

Then, they lost to paiN, and we didn’t laugh cause there was no one left to lose to. Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, paiN knocked Liquid out of EPL, and it didn’t even look close.

The Brazilian team was matched up against Liquid for the first round of Pro League knockouts, and most of us had the NA team to win. I mean, look at our Pickstop league; so many bad decisions. None as bad as Liquids’ decision to pick Mirage, though.

paiN has an 87.5% win rate on Mirage. It’s their best map bar Anubis. Why in gods name did Liquid decide to pick it? Well, whatever their reasoning was, it didn’t work out. They lost the map 16-7 and got embarrassed on their CT side with biguzera giving NAF and Yekindar nightmares.

Whilst Ancient was a bit closer, what’s the point of hyping up the extra 4 rounds Liquid won compared to Mirage? The reality of the situation is, Liquid looked horrible. Now, don’t let that seem like we’re discrediting paiN. That’s not our intent, but they’d be the first to admit that it shouldn’t be this easy for them against a supposed top-tier contender.

It’s clear as day that Liquid lacks the consistency to fight at the top. Their yo-yo results are simply too unpredictable to fight for an undisputed #1 spot. The longer this goes on, the more people will want to see heads roll and replacements made, so who’ll be the first victim?

Or, maybe we’re wrong and we’ll see Liquid turn into a FaZe 2022-esque event dominator. We don’t need to be Kassad to tell you: Don’t bet on that.

March 23, 2023

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