Liquid nitr0-again

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: 100Thieves

Good news, NACS fans. While the sands of time never fall up, sometimes you can mess with the structure of the hourglass and shake things up a little.

What we're saying is, nitr0 might be coming back from VALORANT.

With news of FalleN potentially reigniting an old flame, there's a space for an AWPing IGL to take his place; and nitr0 is just that. We've no idea if he's still good, but he's proven doubters wrong quite a few times before, so why not again?

It might be a move motivated by nostalgia, but god damn do we need that nostaligic hit right now. Pass the NApium.


  • Spirit, after getting 16-0'd, have benched sdy and made him available for transfer; he explained that he's open to NA and EU teams, and has very good English, over on Twitter.
  • Take it with a pinch of salt, but DanishCSGOLeaks reckons es3tag might be on his way to NiP.
  • A rumour was circulating about Bubzkji to MOUZ, but we have been informed that it's total codswallop. A ruse. Manufactured for clicks. One of those, anyway.
  • Apeks have benched four players, including dennis. Yeah, that one.
November 14, 2021

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