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Elliott Griffiths
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Set that alarm, boys and girls.

Well, it's a little bit late for that, but the sentiment was there. By the time you're reading this, the first game of the day is either just about to start, or if you have a real gamer sleeping pattern (or are American), the second game of the day is halfway done.

It's us, we have a real gamer sleeping pattern.

Heroic kick off the day by taking on Movistar Riders in a super hype game. Movistar have looked pretty up and down - beating Renegades and TYLOO but losing to Entropiq and VP; but they do tend to raise their game in the big clashes.

Heroic have been... beatable, too. They raced into a 2-0, but losing series' to CPH Flames and Entropiq (sound familiar, Danes?) has them needing to win a decider. This one looks like a simple one to call on paper, but don't count out the Riders.

Speaking of hype... ropz takes on BIG for a spot in the next stage. We say ropz instead of MOUZ because, well... without him they are not a real team. He was the one bright spot in an otherwise poor game from both sides, as MOUZ squeezed past Renegades.

It feels weird to call this a German derby - because of course, it isn't really - but it also feels weird to not call it that, given MOUZ' German heritage. There might not be proximity-related bad blood, but there's pride on the line.

BIG have, as always, been a middle of the pack team, but as something of a gatekeeper to the highest tier, it's up to MOUZ to prove they belong up there again. We... kinda doubt MOUZ will make it.

And then finally, Team Spirit vs Astralis - which we briefly mentioned earlier - to finish the day. This one is causing an internal rift in the team, with the writers backing Spirit and Harry on his own standing tall backing the Danes.

Spirit lost in heartbreaking fashion to VP after being 14-7 up on the deciding map, and now have one last chance against the reigning champions to make it.

While Astralis might have that champion's mentality and spirit and history and all that, Spirit have something more than that. They have the Vega Squadron energy.

Watch your B site, Astralis. Daddy's coming home and he's bringing a MAC-10.

October 28, 2021

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