LOL Astralis

Elliott Griffiths
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Please, let us have this one. We don't get to laugh at Astralis much, and we lost our comedy Danish dingleberries.

Hahahahaha. Astralis just finished 7-9th at an event. A BLAST event too. We can only assume it's a tribute to their fallen brothers.

They got smashed by a new-look NiP (much to Mauisnake's chagrin) thanks to a stellar performance from new boy ztr, and then eliminated by BIG in two maps. In the meantime, though, they did dump OG out in last place. OG never fail to disappoint. Maybe aizyesque should support them.

BIG took top spot in Group A after obliterating NiP on Vertigo, which,  judging by this retweet, Mauisnake took a bit better. Good for you, Maui.

This means that BIG and NiP move on to the BLAST Premier Spring Final, and Astralis and OG go to the Europa League. Sorry, we meant the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. Same thing, really.

February 7, 2021

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