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Elliott Griffiths
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Roobet cup 2022 - a little dodgy?

Source: Roobet

The Roobet Cup definitely isn’t dodgy.

Just don’t scratch whatsoever under the surface. Don’t worry, Astralis ended their partnership with Roobet for completely normal reasons that you’d… end a sponsorship a few days after starting it.

Just like how they signed JUGi as part of a seven man roster.

Roobet are completely not dodgy. Don’t worry about it.

Still, they’ve put on a big tournament with great teams, and the games have been fun to watch. Just look at this crazy retake from JDC and MOUZ. Top level game-

What, what?

Did JDC just kill all three of them and defuse in a split second? Did we miss the round? Is our internet bad?

The answer is: f*ck knows. ‘Cause Roobet sure ain’t mentioning it on Twitter.  They can barely be arsed to mention that there’s an event going on. There’s like, one clip a day, a couple of congrats post and that’s it.

No apologies, no explanations, just wash it away and hope people forget.

Although, actually, that does sound like their approach to a whole lot of their business.

If you care about the Counter-Strike, there has actually been some solid games. sh1ro dropped 43 in map one against Complexity, an excellent mir couldn’t stop BIG beating Entropiq, FaZe are back.

Even MOUZ won a series. Against Imperial - that’s probably the most embarrassing result of any Brazilian team at the event, and FURIA lost to 9z.

Like most things in life, to enjoy it to its fullest, you have to forget who runs it.

Man, that was a dark way to end it. Happy Friday!

June 23, 2022

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