Low sens causes: autism (scientifically proven)

Gijs Verhoeff
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🧑‍🔬 I’m with the science team!

  • Apparently, there’s a connection between whether or not you have autism and if you use a high sensitivity or not. Not saying we don’t have autism, but our eDPI is at least above 5000.
  • NadeKing (leading scientist in his field) has put the Astralis players to the test: how smart are they really?
  • Research shows: taking a nade to the kisser results in better (permanent) sleep.

♠️♣️ Shuffling the deck

  • Looks like TheMongolz is freshening up their roster by adding a few players. One of which is 15 years old and apparently the brother of bart4k - who he is replacing.
  • MIBR is apparently looking to add Lucaozy, and for a hefty price tag as well. 1.5 million Brazilian Reals is about 260K. In this economy?

👶👴 (Not so) fresh faces

  • GODSENT is looking to find the next generation’s superstars with their new academy roster.
  • Aside from their amazing announcement video, we’d personally never heard of FlyQuest. But any addition to the female CS scene is more than welcome.
  • The smoke criminal hints at his return to CS. You can’t abuse CS2’s volumetric smokes, Stewie.
June 2, 2023

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