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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: G2

We’re ready to love again.

Expectations for G2 were through the roof, and with them winning every game cleanly (coughs), we’re happy to report that G2 are going to win the Major. And m0NESY is going to be the best player in the world.

If he is to do that, though, he’s going to have to take the title off NiKo. Complexity made the mistake of going outside on Nuke, and got slapped straight back to America with their tails between their legs - he picked up 31 kills, and very few of them made it inside the nuclear plant.

G2 crushed NiP in their first meeting, with everyone looking excellent; but m0NESY’s insane reactions and lightning fast flicks caught the eye. He’s not the complete AWPer yet, but mechanically... man, he’s fast.

Their second meeting, though... eesh. NiP went up 15-7 on Mirage and lost in second OT. NiP fans would rather we not talk about that one too much; but good signs for G2 that their firepower is able to slot together.

NiP go through in second after beating BIG, who in turn beat Complexity. Poor Complexity didn’t show anything in the group stage, but do have a chance to take on MIBR to survive.

NiP looked surprisingly solid, with hampus largely leading from the front as they muscled their way past a lacklustre BIG, twice. We will say, though, that BIG aren’t a great BO1 team, and will welcome the chance to play three games in a row next week.

Especially as they play against Evil Geniuses.

January 30, 2022

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