m0NESY makes the roster roundabout go round

Elliott Griffiths
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  • As nice as it was to see kennyS again, he won't be AWPing for G2 any time soon; m0NESY's move is finalised, according to 1pv, and neL. If neL says it, it's as good as done for us. It's a LOT of money for a teenager, but you can't say you're not excited to watch him.
  • ropz is likely to move to either FaZe or G2, according - once again - to neL. We're really hoping it's G2, just because we want to see the Copium from FaZe fans who have convinced themselves into FaZe ropz already. Why would he jump out of the pan and into the fire?
  • vlr.gg, which is apparently HLTV for the Lego game, believe nitr0's u-turn has been completed and he's coming back.
  • But just like the move U-Turn in Pokemon, when one comes back, one must go out; George Geddes reckons Brehze has been trialing with 100T VALORANT. When one door re-opens, a window cracks open. Or maybe it's just really, really windy.
December 12, 2021

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