m0NESY makes the world go round

Elliott Griffiths
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We’ll keep this brief.

G2 have picked up a new sponsor - the controversial CSGORoll. Unfortunately, that’s just something you have to deal with in esports if you want to keep things free to watch. There’s going to be some dodgy sponsors, and gambling companies have money.

That should probably be a hint into whether or not you should start gambling. Look how much money they can spunk up the wall to G2.

The real controversy appears to be people being upset that m0NESY was used in G2’s announcement video, just one day after turning 18.

As if that makes any difference.

The kid is now old enough to gamble, no matter how long ago he turned 18. Why wouldn’t he be used for this? It’s just another case of people trying a bit too hard to be more annoyed about something than they should be.

Gambling sponsors, not ideal. But let’s keep the discussion on that.

May 4, 2023

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