MAD Lions have a mad start

Gijs Verhoeff
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Just like Verstappen in Bahrain, the new MAD Lions roster got off to a great start, only to not cross the finish line first.

We're going to admit, we don't know much about F1, so we don't know if the comparison holds up, but napz assures us that Max is definitely "popping off this season". Dutch people are weird...

Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh, that's right, MAD Lions.

They're doing good. For a roster that didn't ring many bells for most of us, beating ENCE on their best map, playing a close match vs Dignitas and then losing to ENCE in double overtime isn't bad. And we all know that "not bad" is worth more than it's credited these days.

But who are these people? A Pole, a Dane, a Lithuanian, a Spaniard, a Latvian, and an Ukrainian - have them walk in to a bar and you've got a bad joke. Put them in a team, and they might just work.

Woro2k and TMB had already shown up on the big players' radars, with s1mple quoting the former as his "Bold Prediction" on the HLTV top 20 of 2020, and the latter taking that position on multiple Danes' entry into the list.

The others aren't unknown of either. tudsoN has been floating around tier 3 teams for a while, most notably AVEZ, and of course the project is lead by kuben, who's best known for coaching the Virtus Plow.

A bunch of young unknowns mixed with tier 3 talent and an out of date coach? We couldn't possibly be betting on the wrong horse.

If you want to know more about MAD Lions, or you've got a question about the new roster, it turns out that Rejin is joining us on our podcast next week. Crazy how that works out, eh?

March 28, 2021

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