MAD Lions win Flashpoint Season 1

Elliott Griffiths
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Now, we've gotten a bit of stick for talking down about FLASHPOINT, and maybe you guys are right; so we decided to really sit down and concentrate on this ga-


Oh no.

Oh baby what is you doing.

Seriously, this game was a FIESTA. Map one started out pretty good - MIBR looked sharp, fer was back on form, FalleN was looking pretty solid again, it was enjoyable.

Map two had an air of incompetence, as Bubzkji bullied FalleN over and over and over again, making a mockery of MIBR's CT side. Multiple site stacks were pulled apart by both teams in an fun, back-and-forth game where MAD Lions came out on top.

Map three was awful.

Just... awful. There were four ninja defuses. In a game that was worth $500,000, two different times the player peeked too late to stop the defuse, one of them MIBR planted for none of their four alive players, and another saw meyern empty his clip into a smoke, powerless to stop a 10 second defuse.

A complete comedy of errors saw MIBR lose a 12-3 lead at the half to hand MAD Lions their first major tournament win, and fair play, they deserved it in the end. $500,000 is a lot of money, and they've proven that removing HUNDEN wasn't quite as bone-headed as a lot of us first thought.

That money could genuinely change their careers, or even lives, and we're happy for them. And for MIBR? It's just more disappointment. But they're used to that by now.

April 19, 2020

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