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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • GODSENT have picked up farlig, putting Maikelele on the bench. Maikelele wasn't too happy about it.
  • Gamers Without Borders have organised a 2 Million dollar charity tournament with six top tier CS teams. The winnings go to the winner's charity of choice.
  • Twitter-user evlad made a website which allows you to find the Deathmatch server you need. Is there a way to filter out players who DM at full volume?
  • Xizt revealed more about his own removal in NiP after reading about it in Pita's interview. In bird culture this would be considered a... You know the rest.
  • ALEX explained in an interview with Thorin that EU and NA are options for him. Not even Brexit can keep Brits at home in CS:GO.
  • Redditor DanaBanana173 managed to fool not one, not two, not three, but four T's on Inferno in this awesome ninja defuse clip he shared. Fitting nickname, DanaBanana173.
  • NaToSaphiX gave an interesting interview on a Polish newsoutlet, it's worth the read. And makes way more sense if you switch to the English version.
  • HAVU are tearing it up in the T3 scene, getting third at FLASHPOINT and winning Blast Rising. If they can keep their core together, we might see them in more T2 tournaments soon.
  • The reason why NEO and TaZ keeps coming back is because they don't know they can't win. At least that's Thorin's thesis in this amazing piece on the two legends' careers.
  • Why has NA CounterStrike eroded to a small pool of the same players, while the entire T2 layer has fled to Valorant? That's what writer, Nohte, takes a look at in this piece.
May 24, 2020

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