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You weren't followed, were you? Nobody saw you open this email?

Alright, good. Whisper it quietly - but we think 2020 might be over.

Okay smarty pants, we know that the year ended, but we mean the 2020 malaise that has been plaguing us all - and god damn do PGL have a present for all of us.

Pray to whatever God you believe in (we usually go for s1mple) that this one doesn't get cancelled - but the PGL Major is scheduled to take place in Stockholm in late October.

It's been so long since the last Major, that GeT_RiGhT was at the last one with NiP. EG were still NRG, and the Aussies were still Renegades. The Boys will have changed org twice between Majors.

paszaBiceps was still playing at the last one Astralis didn't win. Hell, the last time Astralis weren't the holders of the Major trophy, Cloud9 became the first American team to do so. They're not even American any more.

We absolutely cannot wait. This will be THE most hyped Major of all time in our humble opinion. We're expecting cheerleaders, fireworks, people fainting, gamers throwing their underwear on stage, some DJ (that we've never heard of because we're boomers) playing loud music that everyone hates, the full works.

It's going to be flipping awesome.

Oh, and Astralis are probably going to win the whole thing again. The killjoys.

January 17, 2021

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