Major winning rebrand

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Even though Gambit aren't that good at Counter-Strike, they do know how to rebrand, setting an example for a number of orgs - looking at you Hellraisers - with their impressive full showcase of their new brand.
  • Okay, imagine this: You sign a player as part of your youth development plan, keeping him in his current team but supporting him outside the server, only to then go ahead and lose against said team. Sound improbable? Well North did just that. Strike the improbable.
  • YeaH have joined the long list of international teams, technically, after they signed American rifler Swisher.
  • grenade.
  • Ever hit 40 kills and still lost that one pug? Well stop complaining, because Brehze once got a staggering 118 kills in a game and still lost.
  • While the bit above might make you think that pros are superhuman, dupreeh shows us they do get frustrated from time to time. Tilting is universal!
  • MIBR squared up against Gambit Youngsters again, with last time being a close affair. This time the Russians finished the job. Легкая игра.
  • The "Retired Players Club" otherwise known as Selectah have announced their lineup, featuring amongst others Edward and oskar. They were so worried about whether or not you could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
September 10, 2020

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