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Gijs Verhoeff
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You have to ask: why?

  • Questionable (now deleted) twitter post by Heroic. We’d have expected better from an org that kept an active cheater on their payroll.
  • The real question, 3kliks, is: does it matter? Most of us tune our digital vibrance to over 9000 anyways.
  • Apparently BLAST aren’t so big on critics, as Twistzz can’t speak out or he’ll get fined.

🎶 Tell me more, tell me more

  • Come on nexa, don’t be so secretive. Spill your secrets!
  • Please, Astralis, do keep telling us how the +Staehr move hasn’t affected your team.

Shiny new skins

  • CS2 also means new skins, and boy does this deagle look good.
  • Although we can go for bringing back a classic as well. Same, but different, but still same.
June 11, 2023

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