mantuu gets the ‘nawwk’ treatment

Harry Richards

Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

It’s over. None of the five OG players who were announced way back in December 2019 — Aleksib, NBK-, valde, ISSAA, and now mantuu — will be in their starting line-up for next season.

That is, according to the ever-reliable (shush device) 1PV and Dexerto who reckon mantuu will be replaced by degster.

And, it’s a bit harsh: OG themselves pointed out how mantuu is the only one of their players who got a Zeus kill in 2022.

How can you cut someone after that?

But, no, seriously. This is a massive upgrade for OG. Polish AWPer (if he was British he’d have been cut 18 months ago) mantuu has always been ‘fine’ without really threatening to break through his glass ceiling.

In degster, they get a certified superstar; a star AWPer who doesn’t die (0.56 DPR) but also loves a peek.

Although, we sorta hoped degster would end up somewhere a bit higher up the food chain than OG. But there’s not many places he could end up.

FaZe aren’t ready for an AWPer who isn’t a wuss. ENCE don’t have the budget. G2 preferred to raid a nursery. Liquid and MOUZ have pinned their hopes on torzsi and oSee. Everyone else speaks their native language.

So, yeah. OG get a 1.23 rated AWPer fall into their laps, and degster gets the best that would have him.

Except…. ‘the best’ is much worse than his old team. Fuck this Iron Curtain.

July 14, 2022

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