Map 2 Substitution: Misutaaa ▼, Nivera ▲

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Those silly Frenchmen, you can't switch players mid game, haha crazy bague- Wait they can?!
  • An iBP Holo just went for over $15K, and that might just be an all time high. That's about 4K more than mezii's alleged monthly salary.
  • napz's favourite ex-caster - RIP ESL TV France - explained just how Vitality are going to implement Nivera and mid match subs.
  • MIBR's backup players - AKA Sharks - have signed pancc on to try and complete their roster, with another signing allegedly being on the way.
  • Just as was reported earlier, erkaSt has joined the Asian mix that is NG, joining the likes of ImpressioN and XigN. A challenger for TYLOO?
  • What the hell are these first two maps?
  • jks' entry onto Complexity might've gone a bit better if it hadn't been for RUSH' calls. Another reason to remove Nuke from the mappool. Just do it Valve.
  • Seems like Astralis really have hired Bubzkji as a benchwarmer, as pointed out by u/exe_cution.
October 29, 2020

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