Maternal madness

Gijs Verhoeff
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📺🎭Your regularly scheduled drama

  • In a recent reddit thread, moses wasn’t too happy when Bardolph spoke about his mom. What’s he going to do, go crying to his- yeah nevermind.
  • Okay CSGOEmpire, we get that you’re just trying to go with what’s trending - but don’t you feel this might be just a tiny bit too soon?
  • One power outage is all it took to shut down the NA RMR. It’s hilarious.

🪄 The teams are revealed

  • ESL Challenger Rotterdam (the best event in the world, no bias here) has had its closed qualifiers invites unveiled.
  • For all you Danish footie fans out there, Nicklas Bendtner has entered the world of CS:GO.

🤔 No lack of ambition

  • EG’s Daniel Vorborg can’t be blamed for a lack of optimism, we’ll give him that.
  • B1ad3 has no lack of ambition, but he also has the right ambition and doesn’t delude himself. That’s pretty fair given that he’s probably one of the best coaches out there right now.
September 8, 2022

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