Meet your new personal CS:GO coach

Phillip Rasmussen
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Have you ever dreamt about getting rid of the tiny little voice, that complains about all the shots you miss in CS:GO?

Or is that just us?

Well in either case there now is a solution to both problems.

It's called and is an automated CS:GO coach just for you. But unlike your teammates and that one friend who thinks he's karrigan,'s coach actually gives you advice on how to improve.

The best part is that signing up is free and super simple:

  1. Sign up
  2. Connect your CS:GO account and load in matches
  3. Let analyze them

Even if you're a professional,'s personal coach might pick up on things you're doing wrong. For example, if you're taking Long on Dust 2, it'll tell you if you try and smoke off those pesky non-existant rooftop snipers.

Source: Twitch / BLAST Premier. Endpoint vs G2 Esports

Apart from detecting incorrectly thrown smokes, the automated coach also points out improvements to your shooting style, trading ability, and whether or not you buy out too much. Rumours are it broke down trying to reason with JAME.

May 3, 2021

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