MIBR are the real Seleção

Elliott Griffiths
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We don't want to alarm anyone, but MIBR are back.

To 3rd place in the group.

Even the smallest journeys (to Brazil) start with a single step, though, and step one was finishing above FURIA. Which begs the question - how awful is the rest of the region, when this is the best NA has to offer?

FURIA bowed out in last after getting barrel-stuffed by MIBR in an elimination game. Somehow, despite winning, leo_drk managed 53 deaths, the same as arT, but the highest damage on his team. What a w-spamming chad.

4th in the group, 4th in the world. MIBR aren't even in the top 30. There's an old football cliche about 'form going out of the window in derbies' that might apply here, but then FURIA got 2-0'd by G2, so maybe they just had an off week.

And it never seems to work in North's favour against Heroic, either.

G2 ended up topping the group, despite falling out of HLTV's top 10, beating out Astralis, largely in part to a pretty ugly performance from Xyp9x, and a ridiculous one from NiKo.

Has someone put a gypsy curse on Bubzkji or something? They even made the poor guy coach the team, which we think makes him the least successful Astralis coach ever.

November 5, 2020

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