MIBR changes meyern for trk

Gijs Verhoeff
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Insert surprised pikachu face. In an expected turn of events trk has replaced meyern in MIBR. Just like EnVyUs in 2017-18, MIBR seem to be stuck in this endless loop of replacing their fifth in an attempt to try and revitalize the team. Fourth time's the charm right? Or was it fifth? To be fair, we've lost count.

With meyern getting benched, MIBR's roster is now as big as Astralis' - only difference being Astralis actually wants to use their players. Felps is on loan to BOOM Esports, and who knows what the future holds for meyern.

As for MIBR and trk, their first test is DreamHack Masters Spring, just in the NA counterpart, and let's just say that trk's debut was... less than ideal.

May 21, 2020

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