MIBR might be back

Gijs Verhoeff
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We say might because winning a derby isn't the kind of thing we base our bets on. Although we usually don't bet, so take from that what you will.

It sounds a lot better when you mention the fact that MIBR took maps off of Astralis and G2 in the Blast Premier Fall Series, and won against FaZe in the Showdown. Not great, but miles ahead of the last matches with their previous line-up. Which wasn't particularly hard to top in the first place.

Okay, okay, enough MIBR bashing, they've had enough to endure in the last few months. kNgV has gone and explained a lot about what has changed for the team, since he's taken over as captain. Are we the only ones that think this might last past the honeymoon-period?

Speaking of honeymoons, Cloud9 are in one. Or are they? TLDR News has officially projected: Too early to call.

Their early exit from Flashpoint 2 seems to draw a very grim picture - losing to both VP and OG - but ALEX's recent words with HLTV, ahead of BLAST Showdown, seem to clear the canvas for a fresh start. Otherwise you can always beat the devil out of the brush (that's not a euphemism).

ALEX points out the team has been missing some chemistry, and that this is an issue they can only fix in the long-term. It seems to work in the short term as well, as Cloud9 beat NiP 2-0.

Now for teams that are on the complete opposite of a honeymoon. Team Liquid has been pretty disappointing this year as well, but they've said they're hoping to get some big victories before the end of the year, so they can be satisfied.

We're just not sure that barely scraping by MAD Lions qualify as a "big victory" though.

Isurus isn't on a honeymoon as much as they're just the underdog. And they almost pulled the big upset yesterday against FURIA in the first knockout match, where they were only 2 rounds away from winning 2-1.

While that's obviously disheartening, Isurus' JonY BoY takes heart in that the practice is good in Europe, and he thinks the experience will make them a better team.

November 26, 2020

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