MIBR still exists?!!

Phillip Rasmussen
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Blast Premier Fall groups are out, along with a schedule, and we got one emoji for you: 🔥

Granted we weren't fans of the "three games at once, follow all the action, we know better what you want than you do"-approach Blast Pro Series had, but Blast Premier is a different beast.

Amazing production, non-stop action, great talent, the best teams in the world and MIBR. Wait... MIBR?! Yes, we were as surprised as you that they still exist.

Here are the groups and schedule at a glance:

Group A is on from the 16-18th of September, and we'll have Liquid, Astralis, EG and Vitality battling for the direct spot in the finals event.

Gone are the days where Astralis and EG were competitive, so we'll take an EliGE vs ZywOo 1v1 for the spot.

Group B also features a team that went 0-5 in EPL, but if you've lived under a rock in the last few weeks we're pretty sure you wouldn't have guessed it was G2, when MIBR, NiP and BIG are the tree other teams.

This group is a free for all, and we wouldn't be surprised if they end up in a 4 way tie, despite this being double elimination. Equally bad, that's the joke. Group B **is played from the 20-22nd of September.

Group C is the group of death, and there can be zero arguments to the contrary, but if you end up in a Twitter-debate with an egg, we've gathered the facts below:

  • There are two EPL group winners, one EPL 3rd place team (with a standin!) and a team that went 3-2 but failed to qualify
  • s1mple is in this group
  • So is electronic and blameF

If you haven't guessed it, we're talking about NaVi, OG, Complexity and FaZe. And they're duking it out from the 24-26th of September.

Our only gripe? We won't see Gambit or Heroic, but they still might qualify to the 2021 Finals event. Fingers crossed.

September 5, 2021

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