Mirage in the palm of your hands

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❤️🪖 Love for the game

  • Okay maybe the model doesn’t quite fit in the palm of your hand, but you get the joke.
  • Coldzera’s really going for that g4m3r aesthetic with the “I don’t go to the gym, I don’t enjoy my life, I only play CS” quote.
  • Sometimes we miss the old rivalries

🤜🤛 Support your teammates

  • Here’s how not to do it, as S1N was left hanging
  • Here’s how you should do it, with HexT “supporting” CeRq.

🌏 Asia RMR rundown

  • What is this? Main newsletter content in Everything Else? We know, sometimes it just doesn’t fit. Oh, and sometimes aliStair bhops his way to qualifying for the Major.
  • Even better, sometimes that same aliStair comes close to clutching for match point a match earlier, only to get denied by ICH - who also qualified.
October 9, 2022

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