mirbit stands in for Endpoint

Gijs Verhoeff
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The German talent had to fly in last minute to still make it on time, but hey, better late than never.

As BOROS was ruled out of the team due to visa issues, for a while it looked like the UK team would have to use their new coach, Allan. What a name. But thankfully ESL changed the rules, meaning all the teams were allowed a substitute as well as a coach.

Because yes, even ESL makes mistakes.

Which is comforting. If even the big boys screw up sometimes, we're less worried about that one red sock we accidentally put in with the white laundry once. The upside being we own a lot of pink shirts now. What were we on about again? Oh yeah, ESL screwing up.

ESL realized at some point that their rule regarding substitutes was not legal. Before the change, your coach counted as a substitute. So you either had a coach or a sub. But Valve likes it differently, and because IEM Fall is an RMR event, ESL had to comply. So now teams are allowed both a coach and a substitute.

And it's not their only mistake. It seems like there's some confusion surrounding point distribution for this RMR event as well. How is it supposed to work? Nobody seems to know. Surely the always helpful and communicating Valve will help us out here, right?

It's not like it helped Endpoint though, as they still lost their opening game to Astralis 16-7.

September 30, 2021

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