Monday Madness at Blast Premier Spring Finals

Gijs Verhoeff
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If you ever wanted to know what the expression "RNG gods" meant, then look no further than the BLAST Premier Finals initial matchups. In what can only be blamed on aforementioned gods, in both NA and EU a derby is set to be one of the first matchups. How convenient.

On the European side of things, the Frenchies of Vitality and G2 will be taking each other on, leaving huNter and nexa scrambling for their French to English dictionaries. The last time these two teams met, in the ESL Road to Rio event, they treated us to the maximum amount of rounds possible without going to OT. Who knew 30 x 3 equalled a whole load of French swearing and sweating. The other teams set to face each other are FaZe vs ENCE, OG vs Complexity, and NaVi against the winner of tomorrow morning's MAD Lions vs NiP matchup.

Meanwhile in the Americas, prepare for a hefty amount of caralho and kkkk. FURIA is set to take on MIBR for the opening of the American Finals. Now don't let your short-term memory fool you. Just because FURIA have a 12-3 track record vs their fellow countrymen doesn't mean they're favourites, as MIBR did win last time around. But who cares about stats, right? Liquid vs EG is the other opening matchup for the NA finals.

June 14, 2020

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