Mongolian CSGO is alive and well

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Illustration by NovaH. Source: PGL

South America wasn’t the only region to bring a new name to the Major stage.

In the Asia RMR, the full Mongolian squad IHC made noise of their own by 2-0ing both Renegades and TyLoo for a major slot.

In their first series of the tournament against TyLoo, who eventually failed to qualify at all, 19-year-old sk0r had a 1.33 rating, a highlight for sure. But the best series of the small qualifying tournament goes to his teammate bLitz, who posted a truly absurd 1.65 in their series versus Renegades.

IHC did so well that this legend couldn’t help but cheer them on:

Source: Twitter

After two impressive upset victories in a row, it’s disappointing that IHC will receive less prize money ($5,000) for winning their qualifier, than being the fourth-best team in either European qualifier ($8,500).

It’s no secret that expectations for Asia’s teams are low, often for good reason, but the same could be said at this point about most North American teams going into the Major. IHC beat a decent TyLoo and a Renegades who also qualified, and in the Renegades series, it really wasn’t close.

Renegades, meanwhile, also pulled out a good performance versus TyLoo in order to qualify. They 2-0d the Chinese and Indonesian roster despite an incredibly good performance by TyLoo’s DANK1NG that was bettered by Renegade’s Sico.

If IHC can carry the depth from their performance this weekend into the Challenger stage, they may be a team to keep an eye on for some surprise upsets. The important upsets, the ones to get them on that stage at all, are already done. Anything else is, at this point, purely a bonus.

April 21, 2022

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