More bangers than a sausage sandwich

Elliott Griffiths
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You like Counter-Strike, right? Thought so.

We have good news for you.

IEM Katowice play-in starts tomorrow, and the whole tournament starts Thursday. And there's a lot of CS to go around.

Eight spots await sixteen teams in the play-in, with big names like... BIG... mousesports, Liquid, fnatic and OG in the play-in, meeting smaller teams like Wisla Krakow, Renegades, TeamOne and MIBR.

Hell, the first round of the qualifier has some massive match-ups - Spirit vs Cloud9 is a fun one, dexter taking on Renegades on his debut, OG squaring up to fnatic... it's wall-to-wall bangers.

As DH Open enjoyers, we're looking forward to how well Gambit can perform against some of the bigger boys, and malbsMd's TeamOne are a dark horse to watch out for. Also, in case you'd missed it, Movistar Riders have smooya now, and he'll be there too.

We might not be able to enjoy the dope arena, but IEM Katowice promises to be one of the biggest and best tournaments the online world has ever seen.

February 14, 2021

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