More evil, less genius

Elliott Griffiths
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Evil Geniuses risk getting voted out of the Louvre Agreement.

Illustration by NovaH. Source: EG and ESL

Evil Geniuses are a waste of everyone’s time.

Americans barely even care about this team anymore. Nobody wants to watch them at big events, nobody wants them to win. This team is completely lifeless; and just when you thought they couldn’t disappoint again, they got 2-0’d by AGO.

F1KU dropped a 40 bomb in regulation on this lot. He’s a talented player, but that’s a ridiculous performance. He’s not doing that to any serious teams.

The kicker? If they had won, Complexity would still have had a chance to qualify for playoffs. So they let down NA one last time on their way to 0-5.

The team that billed themselves as “here to save NA CS” have very much done the opposite. The only map they won was against Complexity, for crying out loud.

Their players look bad individually, and they look worse than the sum of their parts. autimatic looks like a guy who just swapped from VALORANT, Brehze, and CeRq look like they have been bad for six months and Stewie looks like... well, Stewie2k.

But worse.

The positive thing is that - due to their terrible performances - they can now be voted out of the Louvre Agreement. They don’t seem to care about taking things seriously, so this might finally be the kick up the “North America” they needed.

It’s not just NA they’ve let down. It’s not just every team in the Louvre Agreement they’ve let down. It’s themselves. The agreement is in place to defend its own teams, and they’re still in danger of getting booted out.

It’s likely they won’t, but you can bet your North America that they’re bricking it.

They spent a whole lot of money to win one single map and go out in last, and stink the place out while doing it.

April 3, 2022

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