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Elliott Griffiths
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  • Entropiq did the reverse NaVi; they kicked out the non-Russian Lack1 and replaced him with the mercurial hitman mir - who had been benched since the Spirit rejig. mir is at his peak a superstar tier player, and this gives Entropiq a firepower upgrade. Dark horse status re-achieved?
  • JW and flusha have revived the name EYEBALLERS, which is, according to the boomers on our timelines, a legendary name. We could tell you the three other players on that team, but we bet you’ve never heard of them either.
  • coldzera got his paws on the 00NATION roster and is trying to kick everyone else and bring in GODSENT; with malbsMd being the first to be benched. He’s been standing in for TeamOne, but is ‘open to offers’.
  • Lucky left Astralis and has finally rejoined Tricked. Wonder if he’ll get kicked for farlig again in six months when device comes back?
June 9, 2022

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