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Elliott Griffiths
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ESL might have made an error.

Although in their defence, it’s not entirely their fault that teams submit rosters to them for an event and then don’t announce the changes before ESL release them.

The official line is that the release of the ESL Pro League roster list was an error, but also incorrect information. Which is exactly what we would say if it was correct information.

There are two huge revelations - if true - on the list.

FURIA might be replacing drop, which seems pretty harsh. Their performance in Katowice was almost unforgivable and there’s an argument for making changes on that alone, but drop was one of their better performers in Rio, and largely doesn’t have much chance to affect the round.

arT is usually dead and/or KSCERATO has already killed anything before drop leaves spawn. It would only make sense if arT wants another complete lunatic to go full chaos mode to replace him. It seems his replacement will be academy rifler kauez, who we know little about.

dupreeh is supposedly taking a break for the birth of his child and his replacement appears to be JACKZ. The remarkably attractive Frenchman has been out of the top tiers since his departure from G2, but was probably chosen for his dupreeh-esque Deagle prowess.

It will mean that Vitality will be a French team again. Making it more acceptable to enjoy their downfall.

f0rest is listed as a sub for fnatic, Heroic have half of Denmark on their bench (including HUNDEN, which is quite obviously incorrect) and interz is listed as a sub for Cloud9. Which, obviously, but also is kinda sad.

Interestingly, there’s no changes to NAVI. s1mple won’t be happy.

February 16, 2023

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