More trouble with G2’s leadership

Harry Richards
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When you're the 5th best team in the world and don’t make the Major, somebody’s head has to roll. And for G2, it’s XTQZZZ who has been sent to the block.

Long thought to be one of the best coaches in the game, the Frenchman’s tenure in G2 has left a lot to be desired.

Aleksib was removed after the team decided they wanted a looser style, something that XTQZZZ definitely should have found out before they signed an IGL who has always loved structure.

In HooXi, they seemed to find the loose, player-first, IGL they wanted, but then they messed it all up again by failing to make the Major.

“I arrived in a team that was full-on depressed,” XTQZZZ said on stream. “I wasn’t able to put my way of coaching in place. It’s not the coach who drives G2. I haven’t been happy for 10 months.”

And, we’ve been on this train for a while.

If you don’t hand over the keys to a coach that had the power to bench apEX when he was on Vitality, it’s obvious why XTQZZZ wouldn’t be happy. Coaches like that need full control — it reminds us of kassad who had to part ways with Cloud9 for similar reasons.

XTQZZZ, before this move, was getting put on the same level as zonic and zews as one of the most highly respected coaches in the game. But, even he could not withstand the poisonous gas around G2.

And with the French scene decimated, there’s not a lot of places for him to go. He’s far too good for Pimp’s last dance. MOUZ, FaZe, Liquid, NIP, and ENCE are all fairly loved up with their coaches.

There was one bit of good news for G2, though: XTQZZZ has echoed what kassad said months ago by saying that huNter- could become a good IGL, as well as saying he was one of the “hardest working players” he’d worked with.

When the G2 IGL roulette comes round to eventually end HooXi’s reign, chances are the next one up will be huNter-. And, NiKo can’t cut his cousin, can he?

Don’t worry G2 fans, stability is just around the corner.

October 30, 2022

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