Mousesports survive (for now) in EPL S14

Harry Richards
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There are no free wins here. There is no Bad New Bears in this group. There is no G2 in this group.

That was how YNk described Group C of ESL Pro League, and he’s been proved right since. Ish. We’ll get to EG later.

NaVi had won 9 series in a row, including 2-0s over FNATIC and mouz in this group, but then ran into BIG on a stormer. tabseN dropped a performance worthy of this graphic, with his 101.2 ADR over the BO3 - key to the first big win with gade on the team.

Fnatic, like BIG, are debuting a new roster. And like BIG, they’re impressing.

Having been 11-1 down against FaZe on Overpass, they came back to win 16-14, and then maintained that momentum to win Mirage too.  We guess karrigan chokes leads online now too.

Everybody seems to be able to beat everybody: Fnatic, NaVi, BIG and FaZe are all on two wins and one loss after 3 games.

Meanwhile Mousesports need to beat Fnatic and BIG to have a chance of qualifying for the playoffs, after losses against NaVi and FaZe. The first loss was expected, but against FaZe the drop-off between Ropz and his team-mates was giving us flashbacks to 2019 s1mple on NaVi. Not pretty at all.

acoR especially has struggled so far, and with smooya available every mid-tier awper is suddenly having to prove themselves that little bit more.

Fnatic's Jackinho faced the same clamour earlier in the week, but then dropped 91 ADR against FaZe, while acoR will have to turn on his monitor and hope for a similar rebound..

As for the 6th member of the group, YNk might have to adjust his statement. There’s one free win – Evil Geniuses. The (mostly) NA mix’s defeat of ViCi remains their only win for three months. daps might have pulled a 400 IQ move, but it's not paying off for anyone.

Group C standing after 3 games:

August 29, 2021

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