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Gijs Verhoeff
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Memed by ANDYJ. Source: mousesports (xertiON, bymas)

MOUZ’ management makes the weirdest decisions.

Don’t get us wrong, bymas has been lacking and xertioN definitely deserves to be called up to the main roster. But why now and like this?

They had an entire player break to think about this, giving the team more time to practice and prepare with their new player.

Instead, they let bymas do the dirty work and qualify for the RMR, and then did their best “Of Mice and Men” impression and showed him the door before the mob could.

Besides, one of the main reasons bymas was doing so poorly was because he was forced to lurk, when in our Gold Nova tactical minds, we’d see him more as a successful entryfragger.

“But very handsome and super skilled TL;DR writer” - we hear you say - “isn’t xertioN also an entryfragger?”. Yes. Yes he is.

So - if MOUZ needed an entryfragger - then why not make bymas your entryfragger? See, it’s not bad, just weird.

Adding to all that, the main problem for MOUZ still doesn’t seem solved: dexter’s experiment. The Aussie has apparently been rewarded with another few months on the roster after only achieving sixth place at Cologne.

In that regard, xertioN might be a great addition. From what we’ve heard, he is very vocal in the game and a great personality to have outside of the server. Something to liven up the roster, you could say.

At the end of the day, we really think xertioN deserved it, but also that bymas didn’t. What can you do against the cruel duality of roster moves.

August 28, 2022

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