MOUZ fall into the trap

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

Oh dear, MOUZ.

If going 0-3 wasn’t enough shame and ignominy for one tournament, how about losing out to the IGL you refused to call up and the AWPer you binned off?

Having lost to NIP and OG - not entirely unreasonable, but still disappointing losses - MOUZ were on the brink and were drawn against GamerLegion.

You already know what happened, and it didn’t reflect all that well on torzsi or dexter. acoR, meanwhile, picked up a +17 scoreline.


It’s easy to blame torzsi but acoR wasn’t that great in this roster either, and that paints an ugly picture for dexter.

Joining them in the 0-3 bracket was Fluxo, who came in with very little expectation and matched it almost exactly. They doubled their tally from the RMR in their game vs paiN - losing 16-2 this time - and gave the heebee-jeebies to Team Liquid in an 0-2 game (yeah, seriously), but that was about it.

The previously mentioned OG are also nowhere to be seen after getting overpowered by, you guessed it, GamerLegion. They at least put up a fight, and were it not for a complete collapse having gone up 11-4 against NIP it could have been a completely different story.

Complexity dropped GamerLegion in a BO1 before getting outmuscled by G2, railed by paiN and monstered by Team Liquid. Team Liquid had a 15-0 half and didn’t win though, the gits.

TheMongolz were unable to repeat the heroics of the last few months, and fell into their expected 1-3 hole, with a solitary win over… GamerLegion.

Are GL just the main character?

May 11, 2023

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