MOUZ making moves

Elliott Griffiths
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  • torzsi has been officially called up to MOUZ’ first team with acoR benched. Kill it, kiddo. We’re all rooting for ya.
  • Speaking of kids being moved into a big team, m0NESY has been officially announced in G2, via a rather unhinged video from Carlos.
  • mhL is torzsi’s replacement in MOUZ NXT. You might not know him, but he’s a very talented if somewhat inconsistent player. Good place for him to learn, it seems.
  • chrisJ has officially left MOUZ. Not just benched - this time it’s not a temporary one.
  • coldzera has joined 00Nation, but malbsMd might not be moving after all. Turns out his buyout is muy caliente (or so we have heard). We don’t know Portuguese, sorry.
  • tarik has left EG, we assume - sadly - for VALORANT. But it could be C9 CSGO. Copium.
  • SKADE have made a ‘Bulgarian superteam’, which apparently isn’t an oxymoron. They’ve picked up bubble and dream3r.
January 6, 2022

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