Mr. BLAST goes to Washington

Sebastian Lalic
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Mr. BLAST was elected president and NA teams struggled with Sluggos. NA readers, will get this. We hope.

This weekend BLAST announced that their Spring Finals are taking place in Washington D.C. on June 7-11. Not only is this the first big CS event in the US capitol but it’s the second top tier event on American soil this year, following in the heels of IEM Dallas.

NA fans must be buzzing to watch their teams at home again – if any of them qualify.

Spring Groups haven’t been kind to ‘Murica. All three teams have been thrown to BLAST purgatory AKA the “Showdown” where the remaining 2 finalists will be found in April.

Complexity struggled in their opening games which included a 0-2 loss against Liquid. But by beating EG in the knockout stage, they at least cemented themselves as NA’s #2 before getting kicked out by NAVI in a close 3-map series.

EG surprised everyone by beating Heroic in their opener, then un-surprised us all after getting a beating from Vitality. Still, they took another map off Heroic in the lowerbracket match before meeting their end versus COL. Even if those map wins versus Heroic didn’t win them the series, it’s a massive change from last year when they couldn’t win a round.

As for Liquid, well... Not only did they lose to OG (twice), but BIG absolutely terrorised them in the knockout stage. Everyone’s favourite hot item right now, YEKINDAR, really had a series to forget. On Nuke he got a 0.55 rating, which landed him an event average of 0.96. For a rifle often compared with NiKo and Ax1le, he’s simply not consistent nor self-sufficient enough to lift the team on his own.

Who knows, maybe Liquid was overrated this whole time. Complexity number 1 #CantStopTheFlop

January 30, 2023

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