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🏆 The real competition

  • BeastKing? King Mr Beast? Well, whatever you want to call him, NadeKing’s MrBeast-esque challenge video is pretty damn awesome.

↔️ If only… Players on the move?

  • Okay, we don’t know why, but somehow Snax on NAVI doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I mean, the jersey fits him.
  • aizyesque’s favourite player (besides aizy) has unfortunately been removed from his team (just like aizy).
  • Into the Breach - Thomas and smooya’s team - is apparently making an academy team. Maybe they can teach future UK pros not to make their team implode the instant it’s created?

📈📉 Talents on the rise, and talents down low

  • Oh, such w0nderful news! Puns aside, we can’t wait to see the next m0nesy shine in FPL.
  • Just put in a little more work KRIMZ, and maybe one day you can be as cool as f0rest.
  • We’ll leave the Boombl4 story to cook just a little longer before we touch any of it, but for an update: here’s what s1mple has to say about it all.
  • Looks like YEKINDAR is making major advancements in his tomfoolery career.
June 9, 2022

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