MSL takes inspiration from cadiaN

Elliott Griffiths
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Stop stressing, we got you. We know you're reading every newsletter, desperate for an update. What on earth has the DreamHack Stockholm MVP been up to since North disbanded?

Well, he's been on the PR offensive recently, including an appearance on the HLTV Confirmed podcast, where he spoke a lot about his time on North and what the future holds. You could watch the whole VOD, or you could just take our word for it on what he said.

He has had offers from multiple teams, both in CS and VALORANT, but insisted he would never even consider switching game, and instead is well aware that he may need to join a new team, slightly weaker on paper than he is used to to prove he can still be an asset.

Very similar to cadiaN, and in fact, his career looks pretty damn similar.

He mentioned that North were 'not a real team' and instead a group of individuals, but took a large portion of the blame for that and proclaimed that he would work on that a lot more.

He also mentioned on stream that he thought going international might be the way to go rather than Danish; which is probably why he's been streaming in English, and trying to improve individually with the rifle as he tries for the top spot in Denmark on Faceit.

We respect the hustle, honestly, but it's fair to say not everyone is convinced, and MSL's snarky response shows he's still a little thin skinned - but that won't change. You can only change their minds by doing better, so let your game do the talking.

At least if Mauisnake is right, HYENAS will be the best team in the world. aizy's back, baby.

April 15, 2021

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