MSL talking about CS? Count us in

Elliott Griffiths
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  • We know it can be tough to watch two hours of Thorin sometimes, but we’d do anything to hear MSL talk about CS.
  • New skins alert. The Dreams & Nightmare Content case was just released. How talented is our community?!
  • FaZe Scam - sorry, FaZe Clan, are running a recruitment drive with the winner earning $1m in crypto as well as... a new car? Is this what they convinced ropz with?
  • Want to play like b1t? Well, you can’t - but if you could, then this video would be very useful.
  • If you also find it hilarious that NiKo missed a deagle shot on a guy not looking at him in a Major final, you’ll also agree that ‘tragedy’ was the wrong word for Hawka to use here.
  • Turns out it isn’t sensitivity that makes the best players, the best.
January 20, 2022

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