Multiple coaches allegedly used the bug

Gijs Verhoeff
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According to a report by DeKay, at least fifteen other coaches have been found to have abused the coaching bug. No names have been revealed, but the final report by the ESIC will include these coaches. Whether or not they will be punished will be handled at that point in time as well. Guess we're going to see a boom in VALORANT coaches.

The coaching bug has had a heavy impact on the scene, and we'd give you a TLDR - as per usual - but HLTV took er jerb and, credit where credit's due, summed it all up pretty well, with updates.

Additionally, historical results might even have their pride besmudged by this bug, as ESIC will be looking back four years in the past. All we're going to say is: expect the list to get much, much longer.

September 10, 2020

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