n0thing delivered the goods

Gijs Verhoeff
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💼 Flexible jobs

  • Looks like n0thing’s chosen to hang up the mouse and pick up the DHL cap. He’ll flashbang dance your package right to your front door.
  • We didn’t know cadiaN even did reports, but he seemingly knows more about CeRq’s situation than we do…

⛪🇩🇪 The Cologne crowd is clinically insane

  • Nothing quite like getting yourself hyped for a final by opening a caseand getting an AK Nightwish!
  • Wouldn’t be the Cathedral without a Jesus appearance, now would it?

🤔 How to get gud

  • You could just put in the effort, let MSL take 15 mins of your time, and learn all the Ancient smokes you could ever need.
  • Or you could do like 9z, and just play against your own academy team… We see no conflict of interest whatsoever.

⚡️ Too long, no time to watch

  • In case you missed it, Richard Lewis has put down the pen. But “By the Numbers” continues with their (way too long) talkshow on CS:GO now featuring Semmler.
July 17, 2022

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