NA is doomed, part 236

Elliott Griffiths
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fragadelphia finals are finish

Illustration by NovaH

There are three non-NA teams at Fragadelphia.

All three of them made semi-finals. Draw your own conclusions.

We guess it’s not all that surprising when the non-NA teams tend to be ones we’ve heard of. TeamOne - we know those guys! ATK - we’ve... heard of the organisation, probably. And Apeks? Hell yeah!

That’s nawwk and chawzyyy, and... oh. Apeks Rebels? The academy team?

Never mind then. That’s mithR’s team, the one who he left MOUZ for, if you’re wondering, and they’re in the top four at Fragadelphia, ahead of a whole host of American teams. Obviously, none of the big boys are there, but they’ve finished above Bad News Bears and Big Chillin, for example.

A lot of that is down to SLY, who until the semi-finals - which were not played when we wrote this, timezone difference - he was averaging a 1.61. He’d had three maps with a 2.00 or better. Welcome to a Norwegian five stack on FACEIT, NA. Not fun, is it?

It really says a lot that the Americans are completely baffled by the concept of a collateral and knifing someone in the back. Crazy scenes, indeed.

The one American team who made it to the top four was Strife, who got the better of Carpe Diem. Really think they missed an opportunity - Carpe DM, referring to how much deathmatch they play.

Never mind. Works better said out loud.

Strife didn’t really come in as one of the bigger names, but cxzi is a guy who has been touted as someone who could potentially make a step up in the future, and he has been excellent.

If you’ve missed anything and want to catch-up any more than this, has been all over it on Twitter - but you might have to stomach reading or seeing Ryan. Might be easier to just not bother.

March 6, 2022

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