NA lose the American ZywOo and s1mple

Elliott Griffiths
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Before we talk about how NA is saved, we need to talk about what's endangering it in the first place.

As if it wasn't a little bit doomed beforehand, with the Riot Games' copy of CSGO foray into FPS games already stealing our players, the fall of the colossus left two NA players homeless and afraid. Metaphorically, of course.

It used to be sort of a joke that any NA player without a team would just go to VALORANT, but increasingly it's just kind of inevitable. floppy and Xeppaa become the most recent departures from the greatest FPS of all time.

It's a damned shame when you see how good floppy was at CSGO - those two 1v5s in two days will go down as truly legendary moments, but now just leave us wondering what might have been.

Hell, floppy has as many 1v5s as ZywOo, and Xeppaa has as many as s1mple. So basically, NA has lost ZywOo and s1mple 2.

They haven't been this doomed since... every election day ever.

April 22, 2021

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